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Kelby’s Mom

“Each and every one of Ms. Ava’s students are special to her. She spends valuable time with her current and former students and is always present at birthday parties and special events; to me this is a very important asset that Ms. Ava brings to the table, and I know that it brings a smile to my daughter’s face. Thank you for all you do Ms. Ava.”

Kalen and Jordan’s Mom

“Every time I think about my kid’s progress in school, I thank God for Ava Chase! She has sewn her God given gifts into the lives of two of my children. In fact, Ava Chase has played a large part in my children’s upbringing (spiritual and educational) and we will forever be grateful to her. We Love You Ava.....May God continue to bless all your endeavors.”

Jahshua and Nia’s Mom

“I am grateful to have chosen Ava’s Angels for the daily care over Gods greatest gift to me, my children. We have been blessed beyond measure by Ava Chase, my children’s daily guardian angel. Ava’s Angels has and continues to provide my children with academic growth, character development, social skills, and nutrition. They are also well prepared for grade school. I am extremely blessed and thankful for Ava’s Angels for all they provide. Although she named her day care Ava’s Angels in mention of the children she nurtures. I believe it takes an angel to know an angel. Thank you Ava’s Angels with all my heart!”

Jamil, Terren, and Elizabeth’s Mom

“Ava Chase was very attentive, caring, understanding and flexible but yet firm and most importantly she communicates very well between the child and parent. As for the children, they love going to Ms. Ava. She made everything an adventure to them. From learning independence, to simple outings, the kids were entertained while learning. I must admit that sometimes I felt a bit jealous at how much my kids love Ms. Ava, but realized that it was a good thing, it reassured me my children were being well taken care of, since I had to work to support them. I looked at it as co-parenting (LOL).”

Hayley’s Mom

“My daughter is two years old and she has learned so much at Ava's Angels. She started there at eight weeks old and now she can write the first letter of her name, count to ten, she knows her ABC's and can identify most letters by sight. I highly recommend Ava's Angels Childcare to any parent.”

Dana’s Mom

“Ava’s Angels is a safe, loving and caring homecare that I enrolled my child into last year. My son was always excited to go to school and never wanted to leave. Not only was he cared and loved for, he was educated and given homework assignments weekly. I would highly recommend this daycare to anyone looking to enroll their child! We love Ava’s Angels and I hope you will too!”

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