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Choosing the right school

Below are some essential criteria to consider when choosing childcare services.

Infant and Toddlers

* Are there individual cribs for each infant?

* Are there strict guidelines for sanitizing toys and surfaces?

* Does the location feel cozy and familial?

Preschool and Pre-K

* Does the curriculum prepare your child for school?

* Are children read to at least twice a day?

* Are a wide range of instructional methods used, like small group learning, whole-group learning, and individual learning?

* Do children get a wide range of hands-on learning experiences?

Kindergarten and Afterschool

* Is safe and reliable transportation provided to and from school?

* Is there an area where children can do homework after school?

* Are extra activities offered—like music, fitness, and Spanish-language development?

Health and Safety

* Are the caregivers trained in first aid and CPR?

* Are outdoor play areas safely fenced in?

* Are the menus nutritious and food choices varied?

Teachers and Staff

* Can you tell children are learning in the classroom?

* Did you feel comfortable with the person who will take care of your child?

* Did you feel the school would partner with you in developing your child?


* Is the day carefully planned for your child?

* Is the program adaptable for various levels of development?

* Do children engage in a variety of activities throughout the day?

* Do children learn social skills—such as sharing, taking turns, and getting along with others?

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