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Here at Ava’s Angels Childcare we promise…

* You will feel completely confident and reassured when you leave your child with us.

* You will know that we value your child as a unique individual to be nurtured, protected, and respected at all times.

* You will watch your child develop a love of learning and a rich imagination.

* You will see your child develop strong bonds with other children.

* You will share in the joy of your child's experiences through regular communication.

* You will be treated as an important member of our family.

* You can expect us to listen carefully and respond quickly to any questions or concerns.

* You will know that it is our privilege to serve your family.

* You’ll get a written or verbal account of how each day went.

* We’ll make learning fun.

* Your child will have plenty of nutritious meals and playtime.

* A safe, clean, stimulating environment.

* To shape the whole child in everything we do.

* We’ll listen and respond to anything that’s on your mind.

* You’ll feel good about your decision to trust Ava’s Angels Childcar.

* To bring our passion to learning and caring for your child—every day.

* To make every moment a learning moment.

* To partner with you in the care and development of your child.

Ava’s Angels Childcare—where little lights can shine.

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To learn more about Ava’s Angels Childcare, call us at (713) 952-4453 , Monday through Friday, 6:30 AM to 6 PM (CST), or email us.

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